Our  Varieties

Welcome Home.. our kitchen where

we make stacks of Saffins® 

(mini muffin-shaped bites) as well as

other original savoury snacks like our Cyprus-rooted Halloumi Tubes and Spinach & Black Olive Crescents, the very Greek Feta, Spinach & Ricotta Turnovers

(with a touch of Italian!) the super-delicious Greek Tiropita, the conveniently portable  Macaroni Cheese Cups infused with Saffron our Korean-Italian-inspired brainschild The Kimchini® (Kimchi rice balls) our very special Black Garlic & Mushroom Medley Turnovers 


All are made to our own original recipes including our gluten-free and salt-free Saffins®.


Hand-crafted snacks packed full of good fresh ingredients and the warmth of home.

During the CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN we're also offering a range of vegetarian meals, as well as local home delivery of all our products, dependent on ingredient availability. Go to Order Tab.


Mama Savoury