Chorizo the strong-flavoured pork sausage from Spain is so well seasoned with smoked spicy paprika that I just knew sweet caramelised red onions would beautifully offset and complement the robust sausage.  I finely slice a great many red onions, toss them in extra virgin olive oil and caramelise them in the oven slowly, very slowly so their already crisp, sweet taste develops an even deeper, sweeter flavour.


Chorizo is as much Portuguese (chouriço) as it is Spanish and there are many different varieties and spellings of the name reflecting the traditions of different regions like Catalonia, Asturias and the Basque Country.  Other varieties come from South America, so there’s Mexican and also Puerto Rican chorizo and most likely  others too.  Pronunciation of the word is one of those things none of us non Spanish/Portuguese speakers ever get right…is it choritso, or choritho (as in ‘th’ for theatre) whichever it is, the ingredient is simply divine!


Red Onions, their purplish red skin and white flesh edged with red are packed with a nutrient called quercetin a bioflavonoid that is particularly good at mopping up free radicals and this makes it a great little cancer-fighter.

  • Spicy Chorizo

  • Red Onions

  • Olive oil

  • Wheat Flour OR Chickpea flour for GF version

  • Honey drop (topping)

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