Available Varieties, Prices  & How to Order

We're delighted to take your order for Saffins, or for any of our other savoury pastries and meals via the message box below, or  by email to info@homeofsavoury.co.uk, or

telephones 020 89749408 or 078 4126 1856.

Dependent on availability of ingredients we may not have the full range at any given time, but will always aim to offer you the best choice of what we are able to make.

There is a £10 minimum order and £10.80 for Saffins i.e. minimum 12 mix and match pieces

14 Saffins for £12.60

16 for £14.40

20 for £18.00

30 for £25.00


We take orders until 3.00pm for delivery in the afternoon of the following day.

For week commencing Monday 19 October  home deliveries are temporarily suspended:


* Spicy Roast Cauliflower (GF & Vegan)

* Courgette & Cumin (GF & Vegan)

* Spiced Butternut Squash (GF & Vegan)

* Pea, Broadbean & Dill (GF & Vegan)

* Roast Root Vegetables (GF & Vegan)

* Spinach & Roast Sweet Potato (GF & Vegan)

* Cornmeal, Jalapeno Pepper, Sundried Tomato & Cheddar (GF & Vegetarian)

* Black Olive & Fresh Coriander (Vegan)

* Halloumi & Fresh Mint (Vegetarian)

* Marmite & Cheddar (Vegetarian)

* Yogurt & Za’atar (vegetarian)


  • Black Garlic Mushroom Turnovers @ £3.80 each - freshly baked

  • Eliopita - Black Olive Pastry  @ £3.50 each

  • Halloumi Tubes @ £3.50 each @ £3.50 each

  • Spinach, Feta & Ricotta Folds @ £3.00 each

  • Greek Tiropita @ £3 per slice, or £5 for 2 (Fillo pastry cheese pie) - freshly made to order for a whole tiropita (16 slices), or already frozen single portions

  • Kimchini @ £3.50 each - a Korean-Italian inspired creation, a spicy Kimchi rice ball already frozen for your freezer

DISHES FOR THE FREEZER DISH OF THE WEEK (for dishes see our Home-Cooked Meals Section) freshly cooked and/or ready frozen @ £6 - £7 per standard and £10 - £12 per larger portion. 

Delivery Cost & Payment

There is a £1, or £2 local delivery charge dependent on where you live.

For now the best way to pay is via bank transfer and we'll advise you of the total cost and bank details before you pay.


Delivery. Cooking & Re-Heating Instructions

We take orders until 3.00pm for delivery in the afternoon of the following day.


For freshly cooked Dishes Of The Week only, we take orders Monday right through to 3.00pm on a Thursday for delivery on an agreed day of the following week.

All Snacks and Food will be delivered to your doorstep and a text will be sent letting you know they're there.  Freshly baked Saffins and snacks can be frozen otherwise should be consumed within 3 - 4 days.  


Saffins can be eaten at room temperature, or warmed up for 3-5 minutes in a pre-heated oven (180C).  If on arrival you choose to freeze them they can be re-heated straight from the freezer at 180C for 10 - 15 minutes.  Ovens vary so keep an eye in case they need a couple minutes more, or less.

For meals and other snacks cooking/reheating instructions will be given with order delivery


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Saffins® are savoury muffins, yet so much more!