I’m always excited to discover things I didn’t know before like the fact that courgettes are from the same family as melons!  They're cucurtbit, in other words of the gourd family as is cucumber, pumpkin, squash and yes, melon and watermelon!


Inspiration for this recipe came from a light meal my mother used to make when we were children, eggy fried courgettes, a sort of scrambled egg with fried courgette slices sprinkled with ground cumin.  For my recipe I dice courgettes and instead of frying I oven-bake them, seasoned with ground cumin, salt and pepper.


Courgettes have a high water content and so few calories which makes them a dieter's friend. Though not a powerhouse of micronutrients, they do provide useful amounts of immune system-boosting vitamin C and significant levels of potassium - key to controlling blood pressure. The soluble fibre in the skin slows down digestion, and so stabilises blood sugar and insulin levels.


Cumin is a flowering plant whose small crescent-shaped seed is used either whole, or ground as an aromatic spice in a wide range of cuisines from the East Mediterranean to South Asia.  Not only does it have a gentle warm taste and distinctive flavour, but cumin also aids digestion, improves immunity, treats insomnia, respiratory disorders and even, apparently, the common cold!

Gluten Free
  • Courgettes

  • Cumin (ground & seeds)

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Salt & Pepper

  • Chickpea Flour

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