The cheese du jour! The squeaky one and a Saffin Stack best seller!


Growing up in Cyprus I never imagined that the humble halloumi would become so very popular in the UK.  But it has and rightly so. Its briny flavour and unique high melting point make it ideal for grilling, frying and not just, it’s an incredibly versatile cheese chopped in salad, tossed in herbs and spices, or grated and used on pasta, in béchamel sauce for pastitsio and the only filling for traditional Cyprus ravioli and it's great in the summer raw to accompany chilled watermelon, or melon


After Black Olive & Fresh Coriander this was my second original recipe.  It's a marriage of ingredients that also include Anari another low fat Cypriot cheese a bit like ricotta, some cottage cheese and some other aromatic ingredients that give this particular Saffin its unique distinctive taste.


Halloumi came to be in the Medieval Byzantine period and its Cypriot origin is now protected in the USA and is in the process of being registered in the EU.  Traditionally made of goat/sheep’s milk (cows didn’t exist in Cyprus until the British introduced them in the 20th century), these days it also contains cow’s milk as it’s cheaper and more plentiful.


Mint, the herb of hospitality according to Greek mythology, is the traditional accompaniment to halloumi and has always been added to the brine that preserves it and of course  the health benefits of mint are both well documented and well known primarily as a palate cleanser, a stomach soother and to promote digestion.

  • Halloumi

  • Anari

  • Cottage Cheese

  • Fresh & Dried Mint

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Eggs

  • Pure Greek Mastic

  • Mahlepi

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Wheat Flour

  • Baking Powder

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