Let me explain.  I’ve always cooked, it lifts and excites me, but my career was elsewhere. Yet a nagging whisper persisted.  I needed my work to be about the alchemy of the kitchen, the sound of chopping, the sizzle in the pan, the bubbling pot and the smell of ripe tomatoes and lemon zest, of garden-fresh herbs and earthy vegetables. Of good savoury things baking in the oven.   

My fondest childhood memory is coming home from school and being met by the aroma of freshly cooked food at the front door.To this day a house with no evidence of something cooking, for me lacks a little of the warmth of home.

That deep rooted nostalgia and a life-long love of good home cooked food is what finally drove me out of my kitchen for a while and then right back in to it to create the good snack Saffin®.




So in 2012 I briefly got out of my own kitchen and in to the kitchens of two select London establishments, just so I could pick up a tip, or two from those creative people at the frontline.  It opened my eyes and gave me confidence to go back to my own kitchen to create and experiment.  Ideas and recipes came and went, mounds of market-bought ingredients disappeared and re-appeared as concoctions and bakes to be tasted.  And then it happened. Proper food, cooked to my own original recipes, then baked and made easy to eat on the go.  So came to be the Saffin®, small, savoury and baked in mini muffin cases.