Any time is Saffin time!


  • Mid-morning, or Mid-afternoon Snack with your favourite hot drink
  • Packed Lunches children and grown ups love them in lunch boxes
  • Snack Lunches  a tasty alternative to bread, delicious with soup, or salad
  • On-The-Go Peckishness no mess and easy to eat on the move
  • Sharing Platters with dips, pickles, meats and cheeses
  • Picnics something different for the outdoor spread
  • Drinks Parties & Buffets ideal canapés for any occasion
  • Late Night Munchies light and satisfying
  • An Edible Gift for casual and special occasions in a stylish gift box

Saffins are full of good ingredients that excite the palate and leave you comfortably satisfied. 


Great eaten at room temperature, or gently warmed up in a pre-heated oven for just a few minutes. 


Plus, with so many veggie-packed varieties and several vegan and gluten-free you’re adding to your 5-a-day in the easiest most pleasurable way.

Saffins are freshly baked and keep up to 5 days in a container in your fridge. They're also good to freeze individually on a tray and stored in freezer bags to use as and when needed- either defrost at room temperature, or straight from the freezer to a pre-heated oven for approx 10-15 minutes